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Common Issues


All references below to threads being supported are incorrect as of now. Unfortunately, the host does not support the version of which allows threads to be supported. There will be another update in the near future to support threads.

The most common cause for this is a problem with permissions. Archivist requires at least the abilities to Read Messages, Send Messages, and Embed Links. Discord has two places for permissions and issues with permissions are easily missed if you don't check both places.

Under Server Settings Roles Archivist

  • make sure the above permissions are turned on. These are added automatically if you did not change the requested permissions when you added the bot to your server. A full reasoning for all permissions requested is outlined in Permissions.

Under Individual Channels

  • If you have private channels this can be an issue. First, check the members list to the right of the chat window (on desktop) to see if Archivist is listed as a member who has access to that channel and that it is showing online. If it does not have acccess, go to: Edit Channel → Permissions → Archivist. You may need to add Archivist to the list if it isn't there. Make sure the above permissions are turned on.

2. Archivist isn't responding to commands.

  • Check permissions. Even with commands, Archivist must be able to Read Messages, Send Messages, and Embed Links.

  • Check the Commands portion of the website to make sure you are formatting the command correctly. Please keep in mind there are spaces between each component of a command.

  • Make sure you are using the correct prefix. Although the default is $ the server owner or a role with Manage Server permissions may have changed the prefix.


If you don't know your server's prefix, the bot will respond to a mention. You can use @Archivist prefix show to see the current prefix.


It may be tempting to kick Archivist and reinvite it if it isn't responding. Please use this as a last resort, as this will delete any and all server settings that have been established. If you have tried the above and are still having problems, feel free to swing by the Support Server so we can help!

3. Archivist isn't working in threads.

Threads require different permissions than channels. Please double check the following permissions:

  • View Channel on the channel the thread is branched from. A user or bot cannot participate in a thread that comes off of a channel they cannot see.
  • Read Messages under Server Settings Roles Archivist.
  • Send Messages in Threads under Server Settings Roles Archivist.
  • Manage Threads under Server Settings Roles Archivist. (Important for redirecting to a thread which has been archived.)
  • Embed Links under Server Settings Roles Archivist.

If you have checked all of the above, you may want to double check the last four under the channel as well.