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This command list is written with the default prefix $. You should use your server's prefix in its place. Place holders with [brackets] are required, but you should not put brackets around your input.


If you don't know your server's prefix, the bot will respond to a mention. You can use @Archivist prefix show to see the current prefix.

The basic features of Archivist (viewing fic, series, and user info from AO3 links) require no commands! Simply invite the bot to your server and it will begin to detect links and post embeds.

The additional commands listed in this guide offer further customization and features.


There may be times you would rather have the bot NOT post an embed and the default embed from Discord is just fine. The bot comes with an "ignore symbol" which signals to it to ignore the link following.

This default symbol is %, however it can be customized by server owners or roles with the Manage Server permission. See Settings for more information.