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All references below to threads being supported are incorrect as of now. Unfortunately, the host does not support the version of which allows threads to be supported. There will be another update in the near future to support threads.

Archivist is capable of redirecting AO3 fic, chapter, series, and user embeds from the channel/thread the user posted the link in to a channel/thread specified by the server owner or roles with Manage Server permissions.

The below commands will establish the channels or threads for Archivist to redirect to. You do not need to use these commands or change anything if you do not want Archivist to redirect embeds.


Archivist must have permissions to Read Messages in the channel the link is posted and permissions to Send Messages or Send Messages in Thread in the redirect channel. For threads, Archivist will also need the Manage Thread permission to unarchive a thread that has been archived and post the embed. Please be sure you pay attention to permissions when using this feature.

Setting or Updating Redirects

We recommend mentioning your channel when you use this command. This will help avoid potentional errors with similarly named channels or in case you rename your channel later.

$redirect all [channel/thread]

  • sets channel/thread to redirect to for fic, chapter, series, and user embeds.

$redirect fic [channel/thread]

  • sets channel/thread to redirect to for fic embeds only.

$redirect ch [channel/thread]

  • sets channel/thread to redirect to for chapter embeds only.

$redirect ser [channel/thread]

  • sets channel/thread to redirect to for series embeds only.

$redirect user [channel/thread]

  • sets channel/thread to redirect to for user embeds only.

Commands for all individual embeds (fic, chapter, series and user) will ask if you'd like to use this channel for all redirects. Responding yes will update all redirects, responding no will mean only the individual embed redirect was updated.

Clearing Redirects

$redirect allclear

  • removes all redirects for fic, chapter, series, and user embeds, restoring Archivist back to the default setting.

$redirect ficclear

  • removes redirect for fic embeds only.

$redirect chclear

  • removes redirect for chapter embeds only.

$redirect serclear

  • removes redirect for series embeds only.

$redirect userclear

  • removes redirect for user embeds only.

Viewing Current Redirects

$redirect show

  • shows settings for all redirects.